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The program is here available as a PDF file.

  Tuesday, 17th April 2018
10:00 Grußwort Günther Leßnerkraus
10:15 Willkommenswort Urs Schneider
10:20 Keynote: New approaches to manufacturing of polymer based implants; Birgit Glasmacher, Univ. Hannover
  Session 1: Manufacturing of customized medical devices I (technologies)
Chair: Okan Avci
10:50 Customized medical devices and the Stuttgart Leistungszentrum Mass Cumstomization
Okan Avci, IPA
11:10 Piece one production in medical textiles
Andreas Lauth, Bauerfeind AG
11:30 Digital unterstützter Herstellungsprozess einer individuell angepassten Vorfußprothese aus Carbon-Faserverbund
Steffen Matyssek, HS Ulm
11:50 Towards personalizable regeneration of cartilage tissue
Kirsten Borchers, IGB
12:10 Personalization of virtual biomechanical model of human mandible with an application to dental surgical treatment by using patient-specific prosthesis
Domantas Ozerenskis, Ortho Baltic
12:30 Lunch
  Session 2: Manufacturing of customized medical devices II (organisation)
Chair: Urs Schneider
  Session 4: Medical manufacturing + assembly innovations
Chair: Jean-Marc Belot
13:30 Integration of sensing devices assembly into patient specific implants for neurophysiology Big data acquisition and processing
Maxime Maugeon, Ortho Baltic
  Strategies for Anti-Microbial Implants
Michaela Müller, IGB
13:50 Economy by Speed - How closed Loop Intervention Systems help to make Advanced Clinical Therapy Processes affordable
Christian Reis, IPA Mannheim
  How Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) revolutionize dental implant from design, pre-clinical tests to production
Jean-Jaques Fouchet, Z3DLAB SAS
  Session 3: Medical Manufacturing process aspects
Chair: Felix Capanni
  Session 4: Medical manufacturing + assembly innovations
Chair: Peter Pott
14:10 Enhancing supply chain quality of drug delivery devices through smart packaging
Egmont Semmler, Groninger & Co.GmbH
  Traceability of Medical Devices by Laser Marking
Florian Kanal, Trumpf GmbH
14:30 Advanced Operations - Im Spannungsfeld zwischen Produktentwicklung und Produktion
Christoph Sauerbier, Stryker Global Supply
  Progress and innovations of Carnot institutes, and in particular of Cetim, in Manufacturing for medical industry
Jean-Marc Belot, CETIM
14:50 Herausforderungen des Contract Manufacturing in der Medizintechnik
Dominik Biersack, Biersack Technologie
  De-powdering of lattice structure of medical devices
Cathy Matos Da Silva, CETIM
15:10 Memocorby - a multisensory, digital language tool for health 4.0
Nikolaus Kerö, Memocorby Systems
  Effect of tool electrode size and pulse energy on surface integrity of medical implant in eletrical discharge milling
Viet Bui, TU Chemnitz
15:30 The Synergy of Conventional Ceramic Forming and Electronic Device Manufacturing Process to Develop Hermetic Braze-less Feedthroughs for Miniature and Low-profile Implantable Medical Devices
Abhishek Patnaik, Morgan Advanced Materials
  Electrospinning & Bioprinting in medical engineering
Svenja Hinderer, NMI Reutlingen
15:50 Biomaterial based toxic gas sensor using microwave resonant cavity
Sahib Babaee Tooski, Iran Elite Young Researcher Club
  Printed electronics: a key enabler for innovative medical applications
Wim Christiaens, Quad Industries